Using Without Own Website

Even without your own website, you can fully utilize our bicycle rental tool. Whether you want to share the customer view directly, create a simple website, or use the tool internally within the company – we offer flexible solutions.

Link Sharing

  • Tourism organizations and companies can share the link to the customer view in their information channels or intranet to simplify access to bike rental.
    • Some companies do not use the customer view but instead create an account in the backend for each employee with limited rights.
  • Social media platforms provide an ideal stage to spread the link and communicate directly with interested parties.
  • Personal recommendations: Pass the link to friends and regular customers to give them exclusive access to your offer.

In-Store Use

Ideal for quick and uncomplicated service to customers directly at the hotel reception or sales counter. The tool can be used effortlessly without an online presence, offering immediate service to guests or walk-in customers.

Website Creation on Request

If a minimal online presence is desired, I will assist in creating a simple website. This serves as a central point of contact for your customers and simplifies access to your rental service. Send me a request.

Advantages Without a Website

Uncomplicated: No technical know-how needed. Simply share the link or use the tool directly on-site.
Versatile: Whether internally, through social media, or by direct sharing – the possibilities are diverse.
Cost-saving: Avoid the costs and effort associated with operating your own website.
Accessible: Accessible to everyone, everywhere, without the need for a website.

With these options, we ensure that you can benefit from the advantages of our rental tool even without your own website.

Use the flexibility and simplicity of our system to make your bike rental efficient and effective.