Hotels and Partners

This additional feature allows you to add hotels, set up partner businesses with discounts, and allow customers to choose "Delivery to the Hotel" or "Pickup at the Bicycle Shop." Your partner business has restricted access to the backend for entering reservations.

Add Hotels

  • Optional provision of the email address
    • The hotel receives a copy of the booking confirmation.
  • Custom tool URL for the hotel
    • The hotel is pre-selected.
    • Other hotels are not visible.
    • The hotel can integrate the tool into its own website.
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Make Settings

  1. Activate delivery to the hotel (optional)
  2. Set up discounts for partner businesses (optional)
    • Percentage discount, e.g., 10% off
    • Option to enable rounding
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Frontend / Customer View

  • Customers can select their accommodation.
  • Delivery or pickup can be chosen.
  • The configured discounts are displayed.
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Backend / Management

  • Pickup / delivery is visible in the reservation.
  • Pickup / delivery is visible in emails.
  • Pickup / delivery is visible on documents.
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