Info for Tourism Stakeholders

How can our rental software help revolutionize the cycling experience in your region? From organization to guest services – here you will find innovative solutions and answers specifically for tourism organizations and associations.

Thanks to the robust and flexible architecture of our software, managing large numbers of bikes and users is a breeze. You can be confident that even with increasing user numbers and a growing bike fleet, the performance of the software remains optimal at all times. The functionality has been tested with more than 300 bikes and 100 user accounts for management.

Of course, it’s important to us that our software is as versatile as your guests. Therefore, we support multilingual options to ensure usability for users from any country. Currently, German, Spanish, Italian, and English are integrated, and other languages such as Spanish and French are planned. We are open to further language suggestions to continuously improve our software.

Whether you have a bike rental with just one station or a network of rental stations, our software is ready to support you. You can easily manage various rental stations, monitor the availability of bikes at different locations, and efficiently coordinate bookings. Our software helps you keep an overview and optimize your business processes.

With our software, it is possible to seamlessly integrate availability and booking information on your website or on the websites of partner hotels. Additionally, you can provide further information through our API. Please note that the integration of the API must be carried out by you or your appointed agency. We provide the building blocks, and you assemble them according to your needs.

The adaptability of our software is what sets it apart. We understand that special requests and individual inquiries are part of the day-to-day business in tourism. For this reason, our software has a special feature that helps you manage and fulfill these requests. You can add individual notes to each booking, keeping all important information at hand.

Yes, providing valuable insights into your operations is a key feature of our software. With it, you can generate comprehensive statistics and reports that help you understand usage patterns, identify peak times, and plan and manage your bike rental business more effectively.

We understand the importance of measuring customer satisfaction and gathering their feedback. Therefore, our software has an integrated function that enables you to capture customer satisfaction and feedback in an easy and efficient way. You can create targeted surveys or ask for reviews after the completion of a rental, gaining valuable insights into your customers' expectations and experiences.