Know-how for Campsites

Learn how our rental software enriches your campsite offering with bike rental: Efficient management, simple booking processes, and more – here we answer all your questions.

Easy operation is key to great software - we know that. Our bike rental software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. This allows even campground owners who are not tech-savvy to manage bike rental with ease. With helpful instructions and clear, understandable menus, using the software is a breeze.

Of course! Our software allows you to accept and manage reservations in advance. This way, your campground guests can comfortably reserve their bikes in advance and know they are ready upon their arrival at the campground. This increases convenience for your guests and the efficiency of your administration.

Whether you offer mountain bikes, road bikes, children's bikes, or e-bikes, our software can manage them all. You can categorize and manage all types of bikes and sizes. This ensures that you always have the right bikes ready for the needs of your campground guests.

Definitely! Our software can easily manage multiple rental stations. If your campground has several bike rental locations, you can manage each one separately while always maintaining an overview. This makes it easy to coordinate bike rental across your entire campground.

Safety and maintenance are very important to us. That's why our software offers a function for tracking the status and maintenance of bikes. You can see when each bike was last serviced and when the next maintenance is due. This ensures that your bikes are always in the best condition and offer a safe riding experience to your campground guests.

Yes, of course. In addition to bikes, you can also manage the accessories and equipment you rent out with our software. From helmets and locks to child seats - everything can be easily categorized and tracked. This ensures that you always have enough equipment in stock for your guests.

Certainly! Our software allows you to create special packages or offers. For example, you could offer a "weekend package" that includes bike rental for the entire weekend at a reduced price. Or a "family package" that includes the rental of two adult bikes and two children's bikes at a special price. This way, you can cater to the needs of your campground guests while simultaneously increasing the turnover of your bike rental.

Your campground guests' satisfaction is important to us! Our software offers an integrated feedback function, allowing you to automatically collect feedback from your customers after completing a rental. Not only can you collect valuable customer feedback, but you can also continuously monitor and improve your guests' satisfaction. Furthermore, we offer the option to collect customer reviews and display them on your website. This allows potential new customers to see the positive experiences of other guests and choose your bike rental.