Discover on these pages the features of verleihtool.com, learn what is possible, and decide if it is the right tool for your rental and your requirements.

The rental tool is a browser-based management system for bicycle rentals. There is no need to install an app, yet it still works optimally on a smartphone or tablet. Naturally, it also offers an excellent user experience on a desktop computer.

The idea behind this rental software is to create a platform that simplifies the management of a bicycle rental. The software allows access to relevant data, e.g., real-time bike inventories, regardless of location.

It provides both operators and users with a user-friendly interface, increases efficiency through automation, and promotes sustainable mobility by facilitating access to bicycles.

What the Rental Tool Is Not

The rental tool is not a cure-all for all challenges in the rental business. It is not a physical rental station or a hardware product that integrates directly into the bikes or other rental items. It is also not an app-based locking system. Likewise, it does not replace personal advice from professionals. The tool primarily serves the digital management and optimization of rental processes.

Learn More About the Features

The following pages provide a detailed overview of the features of the rental tool. The guide is divided into various sections that describe the standard features and extensions of the tool.