FAQ for MTB and Riding Technique Schools

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Questions from Bike Schools

Since October 2023, tours can also be booked via our software.

Yes, our software is designed to manage a variety of bike types and specifications. Whether it’s a mountain bike, road bike, or e-bike, all data and specifications of your bikes can be captured and managed in our software. You can even note special adjustments and upgrades for each bike to offer your customers a customized biking experience.

Yes, our software also offers comprehensive management of accessories and equipment. Helmets, gloves, cycling shoes, or special equipment - all can be easily included and managed in our software. This allows you to keep track of your entire inventory and ensure that you are always well-equipped to meet your customers' needs.

The software was specifically developed to easily manage multiple rental locations. Whether you have bike rental stations in different parts of the city or even in several places, our software helps you keep track. You can track and manage the availabilities, reservations, and utilization of your bikes for each location individually.

Our software has a detailed feature for managing workshop and maintenance tasks. You can track maintenance tasks, document mileage, write down working hours for activities, and make notes for each service. This ensures that your bikes are always in the best condition and you don’t miss any maintenance appointments.

Our software offers the possibility to directly collect customer feedback and reviews. This provides you with valuable insights into the satisfaction of your customers and allows you to constantly improve your service. Furthermore, you can highlight positive customer reviews to convince potential new customers of the quality of your offers.

Definitely. Our software allows you to capture and manage special requirements or requests from your customers. Whether it concerns special equipment wishes, special pick-up or return times, or other individual needs - you can easily deposit these requirements in the software and ensure that they are considered in the provision of the service. This enables you to offer outstanding customer service and stand out from the competition.