For Rental Business Owners

Access to management is only possible for you as an authorized user. You can make all necessary settings yourself.

In the backend area, the following standard features are available:

  • Calendar in monthly overview with all bikes and reservations.
  • Reservations
    • with individual filters: period, hotels, pickup/delivery, room number, …
  • Bikes
  • Accessories
  • Billing in PDF format
  • Statistics
  • Settings
  • Accounts


The system is extremely flexible, adjustments can be made upon request. The following add-ons are already available and can be added at a low cost:


Simple and at a glance: Reservations and available bikes in the monthly calendar.

Calendar in the Verleihtool software

Enter Reservation

  1. Select period
  2. Change customer language
    • for rental agreement and receipt
  3. Enter customer data
    • optional: choose customer from address book
    • optional: additional input fields for room number or accommodation
  4. Choose payment status and method
  5. Enter remark for the reservation
    • e.g., desired pick-up time
  6. Select bikes
  7. Add position to the reservation
    • e.g., discount for regular customers
    • e.g., surcharge for delivery
  8. Save reservation
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Enter Category

  1. Enter name
  2. Upload image
  3. Activate suitable pedals
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Enter Pedals

  1. Enter name
  2. Activate suitable category
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Enter New Bikes

  1. Select category
  2. Enter name
  3. Enter size and recommended height range (from-to)
  4. Enter description
    • Details of the bike: gears, brakes,...
    • for e-bikes: range
  5. Enter price:
    • Free
    • Daily price
    • Scaled prices by rental duration
    • One-time flat rate
    • Seasonal prices
  6. Upload photo
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Enter Scaled Prices

Price lists in the following form can be entered with the "scaled prices" setting:

  • 1 day: €30
  • 2 days: €58
  • 3 days: €83
  • each additional day: €20
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Change Inventory

Quantity and number can be changed by clicking. Each bike is identified by a number.
Recommendation: each number is only assigned once.

If bikes are temporarily not bookable, e.g., due to damage, the "deactivate" button can be used. The affected bike remains visible in the backend but cannot be reserved until it is reactivated.

The setting can be opened via "Edit bike" (in the video) or via the "Rental station" point.

Note: If bikes/accessories are not visible, it may be that no inventory has been established yet.

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Enter Accessories

  1. Enter name
  2. Enter price:
    • Free
    • Daily price
    • Scaled prices by rental duration
    • One-time flat rate
    • Seasonal prices
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Change Order

The sorting of bikes, accessories, hotels, etc., can be changed by drag-and-drop in the overview. Popular bikes can, for example, be positioned at the top so that they are immediately visible to customers.

Note: Do not forget to save after moving.

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