Answers for Hotels

Discover how our rental software enhances your hotel offering through bike rental: From easy bookings to tailored guest experiences – here we answer such questions.

An API is provided that enables integration into your existing hotel system. By using the API, you or your tech team can configure the software to work seamlessly with your existing systems.

By using our provided API, it is possible to synchronize room bookings and bike reservations. The exact implementation would be carried out by your own development resources or your agency, but our API provides all the necessary data and functions.

Our software offers the possibility to create invoices for bike rental costs. Combining these invoices with your hotel costs would be possible through our API. However, this requires implementation by your technical resources or your agency. By using our API, you can create a customized solution that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Yes, our software can be connected to your hotel website via an API, so you can display the availability of bikes in real-time. This allows your guests to check availability and book directly on your website, simplifying the booking process for both sides.

Our software offers a feedback function that enables you to collect guest reviews and feedback for the bike rental. This feedback can provide you with valuable insights into your guests' satisfaction and help you continuously improve your services.

German, Italian, and English are already available. We are also working on integrating Spanish and French to accommodate even more users worldwide. Do you have a requirement for another language? We are always open to suggestions and work continuously on improving the user-friendliness of our software.

Verleihtool offers a flexible and customizable platform that can manage special requirements or requests from guests. Whether it’s special bike equipment, specific time windows for rental, delivery/pick-up, or other special requests - our software allows you to adjust these individually according to the needs of your guests.