For the Workshop

Manage maintenance tasks with precision: Record working hours, mileage, and required parts for each bike. Analyze the data to understand maintenance needs and increase efficiency.

  • Maintenance records: Log the detailed maintenance history of each bike. Keep track of mileage, labor time, and parts used.
  • Ticket system: Allow the reception or partner businesses to create specific maintenance tickets. Whether it’s a flat tire, gear shifting issues, or the service needs of a shock absorber – you get notified immediately.
  • Evaluations: Find out which bikes are particularly maintenance-intensive to optimize your service planning.

Use these features to optimize the maintenance processes in your workshop. This ensures that all bikes are always in top condition while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

Add a Service Entry

  1. Select a bike
    • With search functionality
    • List of all bicycles with size and number
  2. Enter the service date
    • The current day is preselected
  3. Select a rental station (optional)
  4. Current mileage (optional)
  5. Enter service items
    • Type:
      • Part: e.g., "Brakes" or "Suspension"
      • Time for specific tasks
    • Quantity with quantity specification
    • Description
  6. Enter total labor hours
  7. Save bike service

All service entries for a bike can be analyzed. By specifying the service items and labor hours, it is possible to export the information for an invoice.

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