Bike Rental Software Specialist

Smart & User-Friendly

Take a look behind the scenes of Verleihtool. As a sole proprietor, I stand for bike rental software that combines simplicity with functionality.
Together with a network of specialists, we develop rental software that is specifically tailored to the requirements of bike rentals and simplifies the process for you and your customers.

Why Verleihtool is the Right Choice

Since the first assignment in 2014, the software has been improved and expanded with each rental season. Thanks to valuable feedback from customers across Europe, it has been possible to develop a flexible rental solution that specifically addresses the challenges of rental businesses (hotels, bike shops, bike schools, sport clubs, companies, ...).

What sets Verleihtool apart is its independence: Every cent the tool earns is directly reinvested into its further development. Verleihtool fundamentally differs from its competitors. We consciously refrain from involving investors because our main drive is not to maximize profit, but to create a valuable product.

The goal is to create a situation from which everyone benefits: rental operators who want to make their processes more efficient and end customers who value an easy-to-use experience.

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David Gstrein

Keep it simple

Experience in tourism, e-commerce, and the logistics industry. Always happiest on two wheels. In addition to this rental software, I run tourism portals like and developed a club software for bike clubs.
Biking is my passion ❤️