Booking tool for every bike rental

Enter reservations with just a few clicks - it couldn't be easier

  • Lightning fast: Create bookings in less than 1 minute.
  • 24/7 Availability: Real-time overview of available bikes, regardless of opening hours.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Fast and uncomplicated booking processes.
  • GDPR Compliant: Secure storage of all data in the cloud and daily backups.
  • Additional Features: Statistics, online payment, daily summary, and more.
  • Easy Management: Intuitive operation, no technical knowledge required.
  • Flexibility: Use at the reception and integration into your own website.


Everything you need to know about our bike rental booking tool.

Our rental software can be used for bike shops with over 100 bikes, as well as for smaller shops with 3-4 bikes.

The rental tool works in any current internet browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, ...
It is a web application, the software does not need to be installed and no app needs to be downloaded, only an internet connection is required.

After installation, you can enter bicycles, motorbikes, etc. yourself. If necessary, the tool can be integrated into your own website. Embedding works in the same way as a YouTube video.

Once the fleet with stock has been entered, the rental can start.

1. customers access the rental tool via your website or a link. Time period and available bikes are selected. After entering contact details, the customer receives an e-mail with a confirmation link. By clicking on the link, the reservation is confirmed and fakes are avoided. The rental company and the customer receive the confirmation directly afterwards.


2. The customer walks into your bike shop or hotel reception and the reservation is entered by your staff.

Of course! Click here for the demo: open demo

Billing is per year or on request we can offer a one-off payment.
Modules such as: coupons, workshop function, hotels, etc. are charged extra.

Still have questions? Open more FAQs or send an inquiry to our support: Contact form.

Simple online booking

Less than a minute to enter a reservation:

1. Choose days and bikes

Available bikes are immediately visible after selecting the period.

  • Select period
  • Select bike category
  • select available bicycles
    • opt. with selection of pedals

2. Choose equipment

add a bike lock, helmet or child seat with a click.
Possible price models for bike and equipment:

  • free
  • daily price
  • prices according to rental period
  • one-time lump sum
  • seasonal price

3. Enter contact

  • Enter contact details and accept terms
  • additional fields are possible.
    • hotel
    • room no.
    • passport no.
    • and more
  • A confirmation link will be sent to the email provided.

4. Confirm email address

  • Click on the confirmation link in the e-mail.
  • Reservation overview is sent to customer and rental operator.
  • The reservation will be visible in the calendar.


A simple system to manage a rental business: from 650 € per year.

Manage Reservations Digitally

Increase your capacity, reduce paperwork. More time on your bike, less at the desk.



The rental software can be used by bike shops, municipal institutions as well as hotels. Customers appreciate the short response time of the support and the flexibility of the tool.

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