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Documentation of the QR code feature

Generate a QR code for each bike. Scan the code with your smartphone for the following options: Add or delete a bike from an existing reservation, mark the entire reservation as "return", enter service (if maintenance module is active).

Print QR code

  • There is a separate QR code for each bike number.
  • Print out QR codes, cut them to size if necessary and attach them to the correct bicycle.
  • QR codes should be approx. 2 cm * 2 cm or larger in order to be scanned.

Important: The QR codes are linked to the bike numbers and must therefore be attached to the correct bike.

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Scan QR code

  • Scan with Apple
    • The code can be scanned with the default camera app: Open the camera and place the QR code in the centre of the screen.
  • Scan with Android
    • Some newer devices can scan QR codes with the default camera, others need a QR code app
  • The QR code contains a link to the bike detail page.
    • The link is password protected and leads to the backend login if you are not logged in.
    • Unauthorised persons cannot perform any actions with the QR code

Bike detail page

The QR code contains the link to the bike details page. There are various functions there:

  • Return
    • only if the bike is currently in a reservation
  • Add bike to existing reservation
  • Delete bike from reservation
  • Enter service
  • Info on the current and/or next reservation


The "Return" button allows you to save the complete reservation as returned.
Searching in backend for the matching reservation is not necessary.
All bikes and, if applicable, equipments from the reservation are considered returned and are available again.
The "Return" button is visible if the bike is in a reservation, i.e. currently rented.

Add to existing reservation

The Insert into Reservation button opens a window for selecting an existing reservation with a search function.

When adding, the desired pedals are specified and the price of the reservation updates automatically.

Delete from reservation

The button Delete from reservation opens a window for selecting a reservation from which the bicycle is to be deleted. Only the bookings that contain the bicycle are displayed.

When deleting, the price of the reservation is automatically updated.

Scenario: Remove a bike from a reservation during pick-up.

New service

The New Service button opens a new service entry and selects the bike directly.

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