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Documentation of the Daily Overview feature

Daily email notification of reservations and reserved bikes for today.
Example: Daily in the morning, your employee receives the overview with the bicycles that need to be prepared for pick-up.
Recipient, time of dispatch, subject of the e-mail, etc. can be set.


  1. state
    • inactive:
      The function is deactivated.
    • active - daily:
      An email is sent daily even if there are no reservations for the day.
    • active - if booking available:
      Only if reservations exist for today, the email will be sent.
  2. content
    • bookings and bikes
      The e-mail contains details of the reservation (customer, period,...) and the indication of the reserved bicycles.
    • bikes:
      The e-mail only contains the reserved bicycles - without any information about reservations.
  3. time: time for sending the overview.
  4. recipients: e-mail address(es) of the recipients of the overview.
    • several addresses are separated with ; (semicolon)
  5. subject

To check the overview, a test can be sent to an e-mail address or the preview can be opened.

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