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Documentation of the Coupon feature

With this additional function you can manage coupon codes and offer discounts to regular customers, employees, partners and friends.

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Create coupon code

  1. enter description
    • The description is displayed in the reservation overview, on documents and in emails.
  2. enter coupon code
    • The code must be entered when entering a new reservation to receive the discount.
    • Recommendation: Short coupon codes without special characters simplify typing.
  3. select type of discount
    • absolute: example 5 € coupon
    • percentage: example 5 % coupon
  4. enter amount
  5. select state: active / inactive (optional)
    • example if the voucher is only valid for a short time.
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Enter coupon when entering a booking

  1. Select bicycles and equipment.
  2. Click on "Enter coupon code".
  3. Enter coupon code.
  4. The discount set up will be applied to the reservation.
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