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Backend functions

The management of the rental shop is only accessible to authorised users. All necessary settings and the modification of all texts can be made by a backend user.


Simple and straightforward: reservations and available bikes in the monthly calendar.

Calendar in the rental tool software

Add reservation

  1. Select period
  2. Change the language of the client
    • for rental contract and receipt
  3. Enter customer data
    • optional: select customer from the address book
    • optional: more input fields for room no. or accommodation
  4. Select payment status and method
  5. Enter a comment for the reservation
    • example: time of the desired collection
  6. Select bikes
  7. Add items to reservation
    • Example: discount for friends
    • Example: surcharge for a delivery
  8. Save reservation
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Add category

  1. Enter name
  2. Upload image
  3. Activate matching pedals
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Add pedal

  1. Enter name
  2. Activate categories
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Add bike

  1. Select category
  2. Enter name
  3. Enter height and recommended body size (from-to)
  4. Enter description
    • Details of the bike: gears, brake,...
    • for e-bikes: range
  5. Enter price:
    • free
    • daily price
    • prices according to rental period
    • one-time lump sum
  6. Upload image
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Enter tiered pricing

Price lists in this form can be entered with the setting "graduated prices":

  • 1 day: 30 €
  • 2 days: 58 €
  • 3 days: 83 €
  • each additional day: 20 €
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Update stock

The number and quantity can be changed by clicking. Each bike is identified with a number.
Recommendation: each number is assigned only once.

If bicycles cannot be booked for a short time, e.g. because they are damaged, the button "deactivate" can be used. The affected bike remains visible in the backend, but can no longer be reserved until it is reactivated.

The setting can be opened via "Edit bike" (in the video) or via the item "Rental station".

Note: If bikes / accessories are not visible, it may be that no stock has been set yet.

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Add equipment

  1. Enter name
  2. Enter price:
    • free
    • daily price
    • prices according to rental period
    • one-time lump sum
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Update sorting

The sorting of bicycles, accessories, hotels,... can be changed by drag-and-drop in the grid. For example, popular bikes can be positioned at the top so that they are immediately visible to customers.

Note: After moving, do not forget to "Save".

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