Functions and features of the bike rental tool

Documentation about the functions of the rental software


In the frontend, customers enter reservations themselves. After selecting time period, bikes and accessories, the contact details are entered. To avoid fakes, a confirmation link is sent to the customer. By clicking on the link, the customer confirms the booking and the bikes are considered reserved.
The confirmation link is valid for 20 min. During this time, the rental items are reserved for the customer so that no overbooking is possible. If the confirmation link is not clicked or clicked too late, the bikes are available again.
With the click on the confirmation link, the customer and rental shop receive an overview and an optional rental contract by mail.

Open functions of the frontend


Backend = management of reservations, bikes, categories, accessories,... In the monthly calendar, all reservations and available bikes are visible at a glance. Reservations can be entered more quickly in the backend: A dynamic search and filter function and a simplified view without bike photos make quick entry possible. Of course, reservations can also be changed afterwards.

Open functions of the backend

Additional modules

  1. Hotels 100 € per year

    This allows partner businesses to be created and delivery to the hotel to be offered. Reduced prices can also be set up for hotel guests. The hotel receives limited access to the administration and can enter reservations there itself.

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  2. Bike Service 100 € per year

    Organisation for your workshop! Record all service activities in the rental tool. Which bikes need a lot of maintenance? With the Bike Service function you can find out.

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  3. Coupons 100 € per year

    Create coupon codes and use them to offer discounts for regular customers, employees and partners. Absolute or percentage discounts can be set.

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  4. QR codes 100 € per year

    QR codes on the bicycles make spontaneous changes to reservations possible and make everyday life in the bike shop easier without having to run to the PC every time.

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  5. Daily overview by mail 50 € per year

    Daily notification of reservations and reserved bicycles for today.
    Example: In the morning, an employee receives the overview with the bicycles that need to be prepared for collection.

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