We make your boat rental
available online

Simplify rental for your boats and your office in an effortless way!

Our rental tool manages your boat fleet and accepts reservations around the clock.

Steep learning curve

No training or large manuals are necessary to operate our rental software. Intuitive operation and a clean design ensure a short learning curve.

Versatile system

The software can be used at the reception desk, can be controlled via an API and can be integrated into your own website.

Affordable cloud software

You do not have to own a server. This tool is a cloud software, it is maintained by professionals and allows you not to have to worry about IT resources. Only an internet connection is required for operation.

Usable on any device

The rental software can be operated with any internet-capable device (smartphones, tablets, desktop PC, smart TV,...) and current browser.


A simple system to manage a rental business: from 650 € per year.